In ten (10) days St. Vincent and the Grenadines will celebrate 38 years of Freedom (in part) from Great Britain. We have come a long way with the exception of going back to 2 obstacles in our sovereignty. The Queen still as head of State  The Privy Council as the final Court of Appeal It was … Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY IS NEAR


Where was Uncle "CP" Bay? Where was Walter Bay? So Savan is an Island surrounded by lots of water, plenty water. It will take you a long time to get there because it is in an Ocean....BIGLY Which bay in Southside was called Savan Bay? Can you remember what you called a copper shed? What … Continue reading CAN YOU REMEMBER?


LIFE IN ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES                              MY LIFE IN FLORIDA Working at Jupiter Medical Center in Florida 2001      My apartment in Florida 2001           Shopping at BJ's Enroute to work in New York   … Continue reading THROWBACK OVER THE YEARS


Come on St. Vincent and STOP the senseless killings. What are you doing with the good name of the Homeland? Maybe there is need to get external help in dealing with this outrageous behaviour. This is not a good climate for investors who have expressed willingness to do business in the country. What level of security … Continue reading STOP THE KILLINGS

I AM A LIBRA (Part two)

The Libra Personality, Love In The Balance The Libra personality is looking for balance in their lives and relationships. There are at least two types of Libra. One is decisive and preoccupied with morality. The other type is indecisive and has a concern with aesthetics. These two types can be present in one person but frequently one … Continue reading I AM A LIBRA (Part two)


Harvey and Irma, Married 75 Years, Marvel at the Storms Bearing Their Names Irma and Harvey Schluter celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary in Spokane, Wash., in March. JESSE TINSLEY / THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW By JONAH ENGEL BROMWICH SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 Harvey and Irma Schluter have been married for 75 years. He turned 104 in July; she will be 93 … Continue reading HARVEY AND IRMA


THE FORGOTTEN RACIAL MASSACRE IN AMERICA’S HEARTLAND Democracy or hypocrisy? In this series, “American Hypo-cracy,” OZY looks at America’s lengthy struggle to live up to its lofty ideals by exploring some of the uglier episodes in its past that are often overlooked by the history books. Read more. It’s a harrowing eyewitness account of the bloodiest … Continue reading HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THE PAST


Sir Godfrey Gregg “JUSTICE. Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.” The man is a social animal. Every day we interact with people in different capacities and relationships. In order to ensure that these interactions go smoothly, human beings have developed rights and obligations that each individual and community … Continue reading THE VIRTUOUS LIFE OF JUSTICE