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Write Down Stories
Many families have a series of “old family stories” that get handed down from one generation to the next. These are the stories that you’ve heard thousands of times from relatives at family gatherings. Usually, there is one relative who ends up being the keeper of the stories – and who is the only one who shares them.

Take the time to write down those stories before they are forgotten. Ask your storytelling relative if he or she will let you record them telling the “old family stories”. Make a record in video or in audio. Write down the story on your family history blog to share with your relatives. Doing so preserves those stories for future generations to find.

You should also write down the family stories from your own life. Start with the events from childhood that were particularly memorable. Did your family have to cope with a hurricane when you were a kid? What were your birthday parties like? How did your youngest sibling respond when your parents brought home a new baby?

These things are very important for the future of your family and the next generation. You can start now and email your stories to me ggreggsvg@gmail.com

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