Sections of a runway There are runway markings. The runway thresholds are markings across the runway that denote the beginning and end of the designated space for landing and takeoff under non-emergency conditions. The runway safety area is the cleared, smoothed and the graded area around the paved runway. It is kept free from any obstacles that might impede … Continue reading SIGNS AND MEANING


Sir Godfrey Gregg Just about the time when we finish our formal education, most of us have figured out that our deepest learning has occurred through the process of being educated rather than the content that’s been offered. The gauntlet of homework and exams, the pressure of peer relationships (bullying) that succeed or sometimes fail, the negotiation … Continue reading POSITIVITY LESSONS


In ten (10) days St. Vincent and the Grenadines will celebrate 38 years of Freedom (in part) from Great Britain. We have come a long way with the exception of going back to 2 obstacles in our sovereignty. The Queen still as head of State  The Privy Council as the final Court of Appeal It was … Continue reading INDEPENDENCE DAY IS NEAR


Where was Uncle "CP" Bay? Where was Walter Bay? So Savan is an Island surrounded by lots of water, plenty water. It will take you a long time to get there because it is in an Ocean....BIGLY Which bay in Southside was called Savan Bay? Can you remember what you called a copper shed? What … Continue reading CAN YOU REMEMBER?


Good morning the Gregg, Bynoe, Abbott, Stowe, Ollivierre, Dasantos, Families of Bequia. Not forgetting the Tannis, Dewars, Snagg, Kydd in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, United Kingdom, USA and wherever a family member is located. First, we have to thank God for health and strength and for the breath of … Continue reading OUTTA SOUTHSIDE


It is good to talk when you have no personal contact or connection to the Healthcare industry. If you only rely on what others reported then there is a problem. All over the world and in major cities there is a lack of items in the hospital. We read of the dire situation in Trinidad … Continue reading LET’S TALK HEALTHCARE


The Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is to open a department of Oncology (cancer treatment unit) at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital by next month. “We are trying to strengthen and improve the provision of medical services to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and one … Continue reading MILTON CATO HOSPITAL TO OPEN CANCER UNIT


Good morning world it is another day which many of us did not expect to see. We glorify God and give Him praise and thanks. How is the family doing? Pray all is well from the richest to the poorest The strongest to the weakest The healthy to the sick The well-off to the homeless … Continue reading TOUCH SOMEONE TODAY


           To God, I give thanks for the sparing of my life and for all the benefits that surround me. My 60th birthday was not attained by sudden flight but in love serving one another. God has been very good to me and has granted me the desire of my heart. I … Continue reading THANK YOU