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St. Vincent and the Grenadines a multi-Island state is one of the best that can be found in the Caribbean.

St Vincent and The Grenadines, or SVG, is a country in the Caribbean. Situated in the Lesser Antilles island arc, it is made up of St Vincent, the main island, along with the Grenadines, 32 smaller islands stretching south. There are 9 inhabited islands, one of island Bequia which has been visited by Queen Elizabeth II, another is Mustique,  where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend many vacations, Sir Paul McCartney and Amy Winehouse also visited. Pirates of the Caribbean I, II and III were all filmed on the islands. Natasha Mayers, born in St Vincent, won the Women’s 100m gold medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Since that time Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall visited the island.

The highest point is La Soufriere, an active volcano on St Vincent, which last erupted in 2021 leaving many residents in the red zone displaced to date. Many of St Vincent’s beaches are black volcanic sand, while the Grenadine beaches are fine white sand. Forest covers 69 per cent of the land area. In 2006 it was voted number 4 in the world on The Happy Planet Index (HPI) which is calculated from perceived well-being, life expectancy and ecological footprint. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is expanding and developing its tourism product and is also home to the Argyle International Airport which was commissioned in 2017.

Much of the food eaten in SVG is grown or sourced locally. Popular dishes include “buljowl” (roasted breadfruit and saltfish), pumpkin soup, stew fish and rice and curried goat. One of the main dishes is jackfish and roasted breadfruit. River cookout is prevalent and the main bowl is the Manish water.

Sandals' Beaches Resort to make history in St. Vincent – One News St.VincentSandals Signs Buccament Resort Takeover Deals in St. Vincent - Caribbean  NewsIn 2022 The mainland St. Vincent will be home to Sandals/ Beaches in Buccament Bay and The Royal Mills in the Canash area. Many other brands are coming on the scene and Virgin Airlines to make its inaugural flight later this year will add to the industry recovery from the explosive erruptions. Meanwhile, Canouan is expanding its product and so is the island of Mayreau is proving that it can stand along with the other larger islands.st vincent and the grenadines resort

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