Sir Godfrey Gregg If you are at all like me, there are times in life when I take a break to examine the landscape of my life. This used to not happen too often because, I’m afraid to admit, I was scared to find the answer. What if all I was working towards wound up … Continue reading CHECK YOUR LANDSCAPE


BY JOSEPH PALMER Whalebones are large enough to hide in plain sight, which occasionally makes for unsettling revelations. At Toko’s Stepdown Bar, for example, several whales’ ribs discreetly serve as handrails down the length of the outdoor staircase leading to the venue’s entrance. They are a somewhat morbid reminder of the continued existence of a … Continue reading THE LAST WHALERS OF THE CARIBBEAN


As St. Vincent and the Grenadines move to the home stretch of 40 years of Vincy mass, I am pleased to see after highlighting the deplorable conditions of "Little Tokyo" that there were some improvements. There has been some water cleaning by Fire personnel to make it ready for the grand finale of Vincy Mass 2017. … Continue reading HOME STRETCH


This morning I want to address a very important area in the lives of the fishermen and especially the divers. As far back as I can remember  when the men dive conch in the shores or in the "white". I recalled one Sunday morning a man drowned just off the 7th day Adventist church. That … Continue reading PAGET FARM FISHER FOLKS


I continue to encourage the fisher folks of Bequia to come together and form an Organization and I suggest "Bequia Fisher Folks Organization". Coming together to discuss the way forward will not hurt anyone in the process. You should emerge out of the discussion asking some people to be the organizers even though they are … Continue reading BEQUIA FISHER FOLKS


As St. Vincent and the Grenadines continues to mourn the loss of 6 nationals at sea who are presumed dead. Let us come together with a comprehensive plan for our fishermen. Set up a registry for all boats A GPS tracking system for all boats (with a portable compass) Emergency kits Life jackets for each … Continue reading GREETINGS FAMILY