Learn More About COVID-19 Vaccines From the FDA | FDAWith the COVID-19 virus, moreso the Indian variant on the rise individuals are left with the decision to be vaccinated or not and face the consequences.

Here in the US most of the covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated and at a whopping 80 per cent. so my question to the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are you waiting to be added to the statistics or to be counted among those that made the right choice.

I think the lack of response to the vaccine is in part the ones that are pushing the call to be vaccinated. I think the government should make a shift in public relations and the citizens. The people do not have any confidence in the politicians and the strategy they are using.

I am suggesting that some retired civil servants who are of excellent reputation beCoronavirus Vaccine | Keck Medicine of USC given the task to reach out to the various groups of the society, and I can assure you that there will be an increase in the distribution of the vaccine. I am further suggesting that the people be given a choice of the vaccine they want to take.

Your COVID-19 Vaccination | CDCI was very sceptical about taking the vaccine in the beginning, but after losing a few coworkers and friends I made the bold decision to took the Pfizer vaccine and had no side effects. Wow was that a blessing? I am very happy I did and I will encourage anyone that is waiting to consider making the decision to be vaccinated today.

I believe that dome countries are planning to only allow visitors that are vaccinated to enter as a visitor. Are you planning to travel? I want you to consider what I just said and be wise.

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