I came across this picture on Facebook and it is very disgusting given the situations of flooding and loss of lives a few years ago. We are a nation that depends on foreign money through tourism mainly, and this sight is not good to the eyes. We need to do better as a nation and consider the people that … Continue reading LITTERING A SERIOUS PROBLEM


In the USA and Canada Summer begins today and the preparation for the West Indian (Labour Day) Parade celebration. While in the Caribbean the hurricane season is picking up some steam. Tropical Storm Bret did substantial damages in Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados were spared the wrath of … Continue reading SUMMER BEGINS


Sir Godfrey Gregg We talk about our moms as the center of the family. And in certain critical ways, they always will be. But as fathers we have just as important a role to play in the lives of our boys and girls that goes beyond carrying the family’s mantle of leadership. We must get … Continue reading DADS ARE THE REAL HEROES

Explaining Love in Words

Love is sublime. Love gives power. Love gives determination. Love is friendship set on fire. True love can stand the test of time. Love is...patient and kind. Love is...rejoicing in the truth.   Is it possible to love someone and deliberately lie to them? Love is...bearing all things. That means putting up with each other's … Continue reading Explaining Love in Words

Letting Go Of Emotional Baggage

Sometimes we experience emotional overload and find it difficult to cope. It's impossible to completely wipe your memory clean but what you can do is change your emotional reaction to your memories and circumstances.   Emotional baggage can reach a great weight or even enter the category of emotional garbage. If you are suffering beneath … Continue reading Letting Go Of Emotional Baggage