Category 6 Breaking news + deep dives on weather, climate, & air quality Cat 2 Irma Rapidly Intensifying in Eastern Atlantic; Big Long-Range Questions Dr. Jeff Masters  ·  August 31, 2017, 2:20 PM Above:  Microwave satellite image of Irma at 4:24 am EDT Thursday, August 31, 2017. An eye is visible as a lighter spot in the … Continue reading IRMA A POWERFUL CAT 2


Teenage son chokes his mother’s ex-boyfriend to death after seeing him beat her inside Bronx apartment UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, the Bronx — A woman's son allegedly choked his mother's ex-boyfriend to death Monday after spotting the man beating his mother inside their Bronx apartment, police said. Police arrested Luis Moux, 18, of the Bronx, and charged him … Continue reading SON PROTECTS MOTHER FROM EX.

Mulzac, Hugh (1886-1971)

Hugh Mulzac, the first African American ship commander, was born on March 26, 1886 in the British West Indies's Union Island in Saint Vincent Grenadines. After graduating from high school, Mulzac served on British merchant vessels.  He earned a mate's license from Swansea Nautical College in Great Britain and reached the rank of mate.  During … Continue reading Mulzac, Hugh (1886-1971)


Activism Truth Feed Whistleblowers World Truth TV  Dying CIA Agent Makes Deathbed Confession: ‘We Blew Up WTC-7 On 9/11’  July 25, 2017, 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from the hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was … Continue reading DEATHBED CONFESSION BY DYING CIA

Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part ten)

Influence The UNIA flag uses three colors: red, black and green. Schools, colleges, highways, and buildings in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States have been named in his honor. The UNIA red, black, and green flag has been adopted as the Black Liberation Flag. Since 1980, Garvey's bust has been housed in the Organization of American States' Hall … Continue reading Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part ten)

Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part nine)

Death Garvey died in London on 10 June 1940, at the age of 52, having suffered two strokes, putatively after reading a mistaken, and negative, obituary of himself in the Chicago Defender in January earlier that same year, which stated, in part, that Garvey died "broke, alone and unpopular". Due to travel restrictions during World War II, his body … Continue reading Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part nine)

Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part eight)

Later years In 1928, Garvey travelled to Geneva to present the Petition of the Negro Race. This petition outlined the worldwide abuse of Africans to the League of Nations. In September 1929, he founded the People's Political Party (PPP), Jamaica's first modern political party, which focused on workers' rights, education, and aid to the poor. Also in 1929, Garvey was elected councilor … Continue reading Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part eight)

Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part seven)

Charge of mail fraud In a memorandum dated 11 October 1919,[36] J. Edgar Hoover, special assistant to the Attorney General and head of the General Intelligence Division (or "anti-radical division")[37] of The Bureau of Investigation or BOI (after 1935, the Federal Bureau of Investigation),[38] wrote to Special Agent Ridgely regarding Garvey: "Unfortunately, however, he [Garvey] has not as yet violated any … Continue reading Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part seven)

Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part six)

Conflicts with Du Bois and others On 4 October 1916, the Daily Gleaner in Kingston published a letter written by Raphael Morgan, a Jamaican-American priest of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, together with over a dozen other like-minded Jamaican-Americans, who wrote in to protest against Garvey's lectures.[25] Garvey's views on Jamaica, they felt, were damaging to both the reputation of their homeland … Continue reading Marcus Mosiah Garvey (Part six)