Sir Godfrey Gregg

It is sad whenever one is abused, may it be an adult, elderly or the nation’s youths. I watched a disturbing video clip of a Police Officer slamming a school child to the ground. I wasn’t there but the actions of the officer are unbecoming a Law enforcement officer.

It does not matter if there were exchanges of words between both parties and that is normal. You do not let your ego gets in the way of civility. The actions of this officer must be condemned from the highest level of the society. Unfortunately, you do not hear the church speak out like in the past and I think that someone should come to the defence of the youths.

I saw a similar trend in the Caribbean region towards the young people and I am wondering if they are being trained by the west via social media. There is an old saying “break the neck” early and try to restore the morals of law enforcement. You will be aware of the Police who sworn to serve and protect have no discipline nor morals, the country in on a suicidal trap. I am simply saying that citizens will take the law into their hands. They cannot trust the police and there is no one else that they can rely on to protect them.


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