Sir Godfrey Gregg

Do you want to know what gets on my nerves? When people say ‘you can’t be a Christian because you’re LGBT+, or you used to be a Muslim/Hindu/atheist/pretty much anything else really’. The reason people say those things is because we believe doing so is sinning, but haven’t we all sinned? Aren’t we all in the same boat, at the mercy of the storm raging outside? If so, why keep to ourselves in what we think is the safest corner, but the whole boat sinks nonetheless?

Every sin, whether it’s stealing a cookie from the cookie jar to murdering and robbing an innocent child is a sin. Even if you have never done any wrong, except did one thing, isn’t your soul still poisoned, still doomed to being a sinner?

Why must we separate ourselves because we believe we are ‘righteous’, when in doing so we simply dirty ourselves in sinful dust even more so, yet continue to believe ourselves better than anyone else? If you don’t think you are worthy, or can possibly be righteous, well, I’m afraid your not on track. The only reason we are even not-dead-yet is because a perfect soul died after never sinning, Jesus paid the price we so selfishly went into debt for because we wanted temporary satisfaction and worthless paper called money. If we have all been called to be clean, why must we refuse this and say others are dirty when if that’s true we are dirty as well ourselves?

We sink the boat we are on to see others drown, yet in the process, we drown ourselves. We have been selfish, lazy, prideful, and sinful, every one of us, and yet are so blind we cannot even see the great light that calls us to be clean and perfect. There is no such thing as too far gone, so why do we say others are too far gone yet set the bar lower for ourselves?

Are we more perfect, more righteous, more forgiven then people who don’t know God as well as we do? Surely not! If we know God, instead of keeping him to ourselves we are quite clearly instructed to give freely in the Bible, and yet we refuse to do so for the sake of our sinful pride. Why do we not reach down, and get our knees dirty to help the poor? What is stopping us from going that extra mile, from giving more then you have, from reaching out with the great news of the saviour? We are too prideful, we don’t want our silken robes to get muddy in someone else’s sin even when they’re already disgusting in ours. We tell ourselves we’re are too tired to walk the extra mile, yet powerful enough to strike down the needy and ones in poverty. We are too greedy, we would rather keep the Savior to ourselves than give it, even though in giving you get even more.

What right do we have to choose who should come with us to heaven? What heavenly authority gave us the power to say ‘you sin, you cannot come to heaven’, even though we sinners think we can when there is no difference between us? Anyone can truly believe, there is no ‘special requirement’ to be a Christian other than to know God exists (well, duh you didn’t need to tell us that) and to know you are a sinner and to try to not sin, even though we all fail miserably at that, and to love God with all your heart and soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as much as God loves them. (No, autocorrect is not a human, I hate it too).

There is no human on earth who is perfect if you believe yourself to be so you are even more wrong then before. If there is anyone reading this, who is suicidal or LGBT+ and have been bullied or just don’t know, trust me, there is nothing, NOTHING preventing you from believing except for your own will. I don’t know if this is a quote or a rant, but you decide.

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