Sir Godfrey Gregg
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This is not mere words I am writing, but from the soul, I want to shout out all the fathers today and every day. I have a long list and some will be missing when I am finished.
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1. Edward Gregg, Sylvester Gregg, Bjorn Gregg, Kenny Gregg, McLinson Gregg, Arrian Gregg

2. Chester Wheel- Gregg, Pastor Jerome Gregg, Deacon Franklyn Gregg, Pastor Conrad Bynoe
3. Kenroy Bynoe, Gorton Ollivierre, Keith Gibson, Mr.Estwick, Bishop Devon Ollivierre
4. Beauton Compton, Felton Bynoe, Alexis King, Barry Ollivierre, Bishop Raymond Deane

5. Wesley Stowe, Javan Raguette, Bishop Daniel Bynoe, Vilton Ollivierre

Image result for happy father's day animated images
I trust that everyone has a great day.
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