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Image result for LOVE THEM ALL animatedWhen you allow the wrong person in your life, there are consequences. They will pretend to love you and have your best interest while trying to kill you slowly. Some people will go to the extreme to seek help to bring you into subjection and will rob the sand from under your feet.

We have all done it once it’s a hard pill to swallow. Once you realize who you allowed into your life, that’s when the hurt settles in, some will fool you into believing they are caring and respect or in fact are in love with you.

Truth be told they were looking for something from you. When you find yourself there do whatever you need to do to make you whole again. Do not get mad, or hate them just accept the fact they never had your best interest in mind. If you fell in love with them you cannot just turn it off. Love them enough to walk away with your head held high, life is always a learning lesson take whatever they put you through and learn from it whatever you learn to use it for your own good.

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