Basic Techniques to resolve anger

In looking for answers you will discover many different anger management tools. I focus on the teachings that balance a person closer to their essence. This allows a person to find both a stronger internal baseline and a calmer perspective to work against life’s challenges. Here is a simple introduction to some teachings that a person can use to attain more refined control of their actions and finally resolve their anger.


When feeling anger.


Step one:

Take a breath, and just feel it. Look at it, don’t try to answer it, just look at it. Accept it, and then release it as a long exhale. Imagine it going into the earth as compost. With your arms sweep it away: Literally use your arm like a sword to cut through the feelings of anger to say I see the anger: and it is as it was.

We maintain a lot of energy to hold onto the past: the past is just reflection of what we think happened. In the now… it’s gone and only a memory… and memories are no longer truth, but rather guide lines only. It is as it was. Release the issue as most anger is actually a lie that people use to project and keep the past alive in the now. But doing so is actually a form of delusion: 80 to 90% of anger is based upon lies! Why give up your own power to such lies? As a result just releases anger without fuss. Simply brushes it away as a lie and anger on its own has no power at all, except any power we give it to make it real.

In this example, the answer is a process of releasing both the past and any twisted thoughts that got entangled in that past.

This technique also ties into breathing techniques. Yes, letting go of anger in some cases can be as simple as releasing a breath! Breath management is used quite a bit since our thoughts actually flow against our breath. So by breathing with a deeper awareness it becomes possible to release the thoughts which are stirring up the anger in the first place.

Practise this fact and it will resolves 75% of anger issues. However, when your anger is based on painful personal truth, then we must look at the issues that need to be addressed and work a bit deeper.

Tomorrow we look at step # 2

Have a nice day


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  1. The simple recipe worked for me and it can for you also. Give it a try

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