Yesterday we look at step # 1 and this morning we look at:-

Step Two:

After looking at the anger: then look closely.


If it’s a problem you can resolve now, then do so… No lingering excuses or apologies. Be decisive, apologize once and only once if needed, make your amends and just move on quickly and simply. If it’s something you feel guilt over: then forgive yourself! Be giving to others in repentance for three to five times to put forth kindness in balance of the negative actions. But only a few times. Your life is never an apology, rather in kindness our actions are about now, not filling in the past. As I said before: the past is just that: past gone! If it cannot be resolve right away: then let it go. Instead resolve other smaller problems and be happy with that. Chip away at the anger in small resolutions/actions that over time will undercut the larger anger issue naturally.

You will be surprise how fast these techniques can help you resolve anger.

However, you have to be willing to release.

If you hold firm to “the past”, “expectations”, “lies”, “issues” : then it will be a long road in the release and often your anger will follow destructive means to create the release needed to occur.

In coming across a person who takes this longer road, you let them travel and go your own way. Every person makes their own path. Respect other people’s choices even the bad ones, since they are working on issues. The reason is that often times anger is Karmic in nature. You have to let a person work out Karma naturally and first hand, otherwise you just prolong their negative Karma.

Anger is a Karmic emotion, when you lash out in pain, you inflict negative Karma upon yourself and others around you. Pain inflicted through anger takes time and active consideration of the people involved to release. As a result be respectful of those working with anger issues, Karma is a powerful beast and the only way to tame it is, with respect, time and acceptance.

Have a great day.

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