Angles of Hate


Since hate is a composite of judgement and anger, many new side issues twist into existence with the hate. These issues are secondary problems to the real deeper issues at play. As a result dealing with surface issues may do nothing in helping a person overcome hate. Remember to focus on any components based on  judgements, feeling frustration or of anger.

For example: Often times “hate” involves an imbalance in a relationship. This would be the classic love/hate relationship we hear about. Where some parts of the relationship help a person and other parts of the relationship are harmful. The relationship imbalance a person is experiencing is usually secondary to any  judgements twisting the relationship out of balance. In these cases often it isn’t the relationship that is the problem as much as older judgements from previous relationships, abuse or how we were raised by our parents that are now cropping up through the relationship. To initially only treat the imbalance ironically will just keep the love-hate relationship spinning. Rather it’s a question of how you resolve out the lower level judgement and anger that is undermining the relationship.

Understand hate is a powerful emotion, (powerful enough to destroy nations) Hate exists for a reason, it’s an unconscious reaction to lash out at what seems to be harming or diminishing us. Hate isn’t something to ignore or you can hope will go away. Unfortunately you need to actively work at releasing the poison of hate when it’s found digging at your soul.

The True lesson to learn about hate, isn’t to reflect that feeling of destruction back out, but instead to release judgements in a kind and gentle manner to grow from.

Many times the best way to be kind when this level of intensity if present is to walk away without attachments and commitment, to leave as little behind for the reflection of hate to work itself upon. Sometimes others will take hate to conflict and we have to be ready to deal with such conflict also.

So when encountering Hate, examine the feelings of hate. In steps release aspects of the process or relationship where the Hate is focused within. If it isn’t possible to release the root aspects where the Hate is stemming from, then release the full package by moving on with your life. The world is a large place with many answers, there is no greater purpose to get stuck upon a process which you are not in a position to resolve in a positive manner.

In other words Hate can never be held, it’s either released or it destroys the heart where it resides. Holding hate, only leaves destruction. This is because hate is anger’s second to last step in the march of personal destruction.

So when feeling a pang of hate, be very aware and work towards discovering release, Being human we all will have felt this emotion at some point in our life, But also discover it is a lesson in how to release towards a better life also.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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