Without fear , it becomes amazing what one can accomplish.

What is fear then, that it limits a person so?

Fear is a judgement that a negative potential is about to become real.

That’s the trick of fear… it isn’t real in itself. Fear is all about negative potentials and that potential is never real until it’s pushed into reality. If one focuses fear to that negative potential, often times, the fear is the connection required to make the negative potential real.

So in being fearless, you side step around negative potentials. That is very powerful. The only thing is in being fearless you also must not be reckless.

Fearlessness must always be paired with awareness.

Since many people have turned off their awareness, they in turn let their fears compensate for the lack of awareness. That is a sad and limited life indeed.

We move through potentials, every choice we make, builds up potential or unlocks a potential to become real.

People choose by their actions what will and will not happen. to let fear guide a path, will mean avoiding or missing many opportunities also. If you let awareness guide your path, then it is possible to explore, assess and determine which potentials are the ones most graceful to embrace and how to navigate successfully around any negative results.

Since it’s impossible to avoid all negative impacts I encourage you to learn from everything including our actions that do stir up negative results. So any step into negative potential continue to build up positive potential for later use.

This simply means living to fear limits our lives and living with awareness it’s possible to make the most of our lives.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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