So I see a well to do good writer waging a war with our whalers and still enjoying the good hospility of the people of Bequia. Well, this is my “two cents” about the matter. For over one hundred years we have been involved in the art of the trade and we have survived without any loss of lives. Many families survived with the proceeds from the sale of the meat and not to mention the oil tha helped so many of us. It saves us a doctor visit and flu shots. Yes it is all natural andwe long for it every year.

So a disgruntled person from anunknown origin has launch a cmpaign to eliminate the killing of three whales annually. Well How about a campaing to keep guns out the school and to stop killing innocent people. Our whalers execute a clean kill and the whale does not suffer. How about the mishaps of lethal injections andthe home made boms that are used against your people and the contaminated water systems that target minorities. Aren’t those more pressing concerns to fight at home for the betterment of your people? I can write for the next two hours to high light problems in other countries that need urgent attention. So my suggestion is to get out of our internal affairs and go fight your battles at home.


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