To all the Greggs wherever you are it is Easter in Bequia the old traditional way from since I can remember 55 years ago. We keep it real on the Island and the visitors love it.

This weekend started with the Good Friday holiday (not like the US) Government shut down, yes SHUT down till Tuesday. Guess what? They are making more money this weekend while closed.

It is my nderstanding that all hotels, guesthouses are filled and hundreds of yachts are anchored in the harbour (Admirality Bay). Activities are in full swing today into Monday night.

There is a saying “the more we get the merrier and this is time the national bird (black bird) of the Island is singing “Bequia sweet, sweet, sweet and town sour, sour”. Don’t beat me for this one, but if you can identify with it I know where you came from. ha ha ha ha ha

Tomorrow morning St. Mary’s Anglican Church in the capital Port Elizabeth (Named after Queen Elizabeth 11, reigning Monarch) will host the Easter service and it is expected to be filled to capacity. Bishop of the Windward Islands which includes St. Vincent and the Grenadines and a native of Bequia will be the chief celebrant. Many visitors are expected to be in attendance.

My sister Madeline is there on vacation and she is sure soaking up all the attention and enjoying herself . Go girl it’s you homeland of some 66 years and you sure looking like the star on the island. Enjoy and we will meet up in the 2020 family gathering. Lord what a time that will be.

Meanwhile I have to work the weekend and miss church. “Give us this day our daily bread..”. Love all and have fun in the sun

Godfrey Gregg

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5 years ago

Hello Godfrey,

I never heard his first name, I knew him only as “Captain Gregg.”

I visited with Grannie “G”……@ his home in lower Hamilton, jjust above the sea! Nice spot…my nearest beach would have been Hope or Ravine.

Thanks…hope that helps with the dots.

Good pm to u.

Clarion..Rosie. I have one sister on Bequia. Parents gone. Many cousins.👋

5 years ago

Hello, I remember Captain Gregg. You must be related! I often accompanied Grannie as she visited the elderly, on Sunday..

Sir Godfrey Gregg
Sir Godfrey Gregg
5 years ago
Reply to  Clarion

Please tell us what was Captain Gregg first name and that of your Grannies. Let’s see if we can connect the dots.