Yesterday I highlighted the Capital Kingstown and today I want to draw to the attention of the general public and visitors alike the deplorable conditions that our law enforcement officers have to endure at the hands of wicked men without a heart.

It is my understanding that all the officers stationed at the Police Station are from the mainland of St. Vincent. One would think that the conditions they live under will be of the very best to ensure efficiency in the execution of their sworn duties. Deplorable conditions breed low morals and standards.

       Look in the circle and you will see the water catchment.

Look in the circle and you will see the water catchment.


What will it take from the Treasury to clean up the surroundings of the building?

I can estimate a $3000.00 from the Police budget or from National Security to clean up the surroundings. Cut the overgrown vegetation and paint the outside of the building. This present condition will devalue the surrounding properties. It is not the fault of the Police but those that are responsible for this lewd act to our enforcement officers.

The Magistrate Court is also housed in this building. What impression is left when you appear for a court hearing?

I am calling on all concerned residents to put politics aside and stand together on behalf of the brave men that help to protect our community.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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