Good morning family,
Nice to be alive and well and in the land of the living. I pray all is well and you have an enjoyable Saturday.
Last night I saw a post on Facebook and it brought back a memory. Well, Cousin Zilpha had 4 sons. Elmore, Clarence, Freddie, and Clement. Marva Gregg is the daughter of Elmore. I write this because you never know who you will meet and how meeting or hearing about someone can be very therapeutic to old age. Yes, memories live on.
I am adding the pics for you to see Marva and her adult children. You don’t mess with a Gregg. Hahahaha
Tanty Rhoda was our neighbour and Cousin Zilpha spent her last days with my mother Deldie. Those two could laugh, but my mother was the winner. I hope to meet you one day before the summer is over.
Sir Godfrey Gregg
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