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Hannah Gregg born this day in 1956 celebrate her 61st birthday with her daughter,  son in law and her 2 grand children.

She has been the source of strength for her daughter and raised her with grace to her full ripe age and a great family.

Everything in life comes easy but with many challenges and hard-fought battles. You know what I mean there is nothing that comes your way without the effort.

Hannah has demonstrated every fiber there is to attain this status. The road may be long with no end in view. The Bible tells us that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

These words are for you while you are alive and no gift or flowers at your graveside will give any meaning to the things you rightly deserve while you share a breath.

You have to remain a proud mother with a very ambitious daughter. That is enough to engage the next level. The grand children are a handful and their love for you is insurmountable any riches. Shammie will give you a run for anything and she reminds you of your days growing up.

May all your desires come true on this special day.

You cannot ask for more, by the time you read this blog you would have already reached out to your Heavenly Father pouring out your heart and asking for your favours. In all your ways acknowledge the Lord and let Him directs your path for the remaining years that the Lord sees fit to grant you.


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