The port of Paranagua has just stopped operating. My friend works there and stopped everything! There are a lot of oceanography teachers trying to understand what’s going on!
Boy, a very strange phenomenon is occurring with the oceans. The sea dropped much more than normal and did not return to its normal level. In Paranagua the sea descends almost 3 meters and already it harms the transit of ships. Several scientists are studying the phenomenon and have already noted that there has been a sub-increase in the Pacific temperature by a certain point in 4 degrees before the water is lowered. Researchers imagine there was an earthquake in the depths of the Pacific that opened a gap exposing the magma and sucked up much of the water in the oceans … this happened this week! Soon more will start to spread this! Very serious … if this is going to change the geography of the planet. The island of Mel is almost 3km of strip of sand … surreal!

All in alert! The sea receded in a unique way never seen before in hundreds of years.
The sea has receded almost 4 meters of tide on the coast of Uruguay, and recently with Hurricane Irma we see the same in the Bahamas, Florida Cays and Tampa Bay. No one can explain what is taking place, but since the recent 8.2 mega earthquake in Mexico strange things are happening with the sea.

Uruguayan radios warn of tsunami
Scientists around the world are coming together to try understand what is taking place and how they missed the phenomenon this is taking place.

Who have eyes to see will understand that these are the last and closing days.

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