The swift response to the relief of the BVI is good and I support you in the effort. But I know of persons in SVG that were affected by previous hurricanes and to this date never received any assistance. I know charity begins at home and the government should also consider those that are still trying to get their lives together in SVG.
When it was reported that the main road in Bequia, going towards Paget Farm is falling apart and on the verge of collapsing no government elected official visited the site. The people are still waiting to see what actions will be taken and will there be a rapid response as if it were Irma’s devastation.
This action is one of gross negligence to the citizens of SVG. The government must get its priorities together and do what is best for the citizens. After all, that is their home, our home and it will remain the homeland. The citizens don’t ask much but demand a just portion of the dough.
I do not know the level of interaction the representative for the Nothern Grenadines with the various ministries or agencies. Someone needs to speak up and demand answers. Staying in opposition is not the answer but it is time to let your voices heard in every quarter of the State of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Let me see the comments
Sir Godfrey Gregg

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