Good morning family,

We are very thankful for life and the comfort of living in the place we call home. God has been so good to us that He has kept us from all harms and danger so we remain healthy.

We should feel safe knowing that God is riding the storms with us. No matter what the enemy throws at us we are safe.

I want to thank God for parents who are devoted to their children training and watching them grow into the men and women they should. Thank God for parents like mine, who taught us how to live in times of nothing and in times of plenty. Who told us to always put God first and always think of your self last. That was not mere words but practised in the household.

Like today Saturday you know there was a trip to “Kemis Street” by Cousin Ada, over to cousin Rhoda, up to aunt Gussie, further to cousin Lilian and the marathon was sure to happen because it was Saturday. All those have passed to the great beyond and there is a new breed. All twigs from the old branches. Have I enjoyed those days, “hell yes” and in my own world, I am still living those moments.

In Bequia, everyone was your cousin, uncle, aunty, or some other relative. You were simply raised by the community (village). The password was RESPECT. You knew it was 6:00 AM when you heard “Mother Daisy” a Spiritual Baptist rang her bell and she was in the spirit travelling. Who remembered those days?

Saturdays were the time to climb up the hill to “Ma Peggy” to cut wood to set coal pits, that was a must and who knew that foreday morning to expect anything.  It was the for a haircut and grooming. Preparation for Sunday morning service at Holy Cross Anglican Church. I remember the days of “Father Dunn”.

Oh, how the shopkeepers reverenced Sundays and were very discreet with their operations. Those were the days when men respected women. I was taught well and my “upbringing” was real. I can point out many families and homes but do not want to miss any in this article. However, there is one schoolmate I will mention that I admire to this day. He had a vision for his life and he was very focused. I speak of no other person than Devon Ollivierre, now Bishop Ollivierre of The Mt. Oliveth Spiritual Baptist Church and head of the Spiritual Baptist Qrganization in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Our young people have someone that they can emulate.

As we go through this weekend let us remember someone in need and lend a helping hand. A kind word will go a long way. God bless and keep you. Have a fun-filled weekend.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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