This is a very disturbing site in Paget Farm Bequia and I thank Nichola for sharing.

Those who will remember Adams beach before the Airport will get the understanding of what you about to see. During the construction of the JF Mitchell Airport sand was pumped onto the rocky area and that was named Othniel Ollivierre beach.

There is an old saying that “if you robbed the sea, only time will tell before it comes back for its own”. Well, Hurricane Maria shew us what that saying meant. Take a look for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

My question is what next we are going to lose before the year is over. Just let the Lord have His way with nature, and give Him thanks. Is this a sign of true Global warming? If, it is, let us watch and pray for we know the destruction we have created in the seas around us.

What I want to know if the Government will consider another backfill for the residents of Bequia and name it the  Deldie Gregg Beach.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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