Now that the Caribbean has settled down and the thoughts of rebuilding and getting lives together we still have to remember that God is in control. Your life has been spared and you are still about your Father’s business. It is time to reflect on the past two weeks and the Irma episode.

What can you do to help your brothers and sisters in the Islands? I do believe that Cuba got the worst of the storm, despite Barbuda was flattened. They are our brothers and sisters and time to lend a helping hand. I know the discussion that will come out where were they when SVG was battered? We are past that and moving on. Sad though that since 2013 some Vincentians have not received any help from their Government because of political lines.

I have seen the swift response of the government to the ravaged islands but the citizens across the party line are still suffering. Charity begins at home and the SVG government should start to take care of the citizens and then branch out.

If there is anyone that needs help will be the Government and people of Cuba. They have always been at our side through thick and thin.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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Author: Sir Godfrey Gregg

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