maxresdefaultHere we go Bequia falling to millions of dollars in drug burst and the tarnishing of a good name with good people. Over the years it was just tourism and the dollars along with seasonal whaling. There were good governance and satisfaction among the people. Jobs were not in abundance but was enough to have a decent lifestyle.

Image result for bequia islandYes, drugs were there but not rampant to the findings a few days ago leading to the arrest of two residents from the Island. Something has happened to the economy that has created this get rich frenzy among the residents. The lack of government’s influence creating meaningful employment outside the election climate. Therefore, people can be used as a tool to make the rich get richer and that is the selling of banned substances. The fact is that no local has that kind of money to purchase the drugs seized in the raid. There has to be a third party and the investigators must find that person in order to squash the drug ring. This arrest is one of many to follow in the coming weeks.

While it is no surprise to me, it took to long for a dent to be made and I do hope the bigger fish on the mainland be sought out and apprehended to bring some closure to the citizens of the country that the police is impartial. The residents know the suppliers and the point of entry into the country. The residents are aware of the supply and demand the trans-shipment points. If the local know the information, I want to know how the police are not aware and why something is not being done.

This is my “two cents” on the Bequia drug arrest.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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