Hail to my parents who left us and are on the other side of this life. You raised incredible children and your lives are still examples we emulate. I, personally want to thank you mommy and pappy for doing the best you can for me and I am a better person today. We may not know and we cannot tell the pains you bore, but it was for to make us who we are today.

Your children have produced some lovely grandchildren that will make you so proud and we wish you were still around to hold them in your arms.  Yes, your grandchildren have given you another generation great-grandchildren and oh to have them running around the house is such a great blessing.

You would have known your grandchildren from Madeline, Leslie, Edward, Yvette, Syl, Pauline and Fanzo. But, there are much more added to the clan. there are great-grandchildren and you ould be happy to see those for Bully and Kenny. They keep Syl very busy and that makes him so happy. Edward house is increasing and Mack is trying to catch up. Sharol-Rose has two and they are my energy and pride. Pauline boy has two (what a mess of a grandson). I don’t know what Kenroy is doing and Lear is still around.

If life is still good to me I will be home soon and I will pay a visit to you and sit down and have a chat with you. We need to catch up on a lot of things and I want to know how you are doing on the other side. God is faithful and the good thing is we have never been in a position to beg our bread. He has been a good provider to us at all times. We are about to celebrate Thanksgiving here in NY. It is not my style but I go with the flow and hope it works out. I may pass by Syl if I am up to any good.

Mommy time is closing in and tell Pappy we will be a family again because this world is not our home and our journey will soon end. Say hello to the other folks and we will have a grand reunion soon.

Your son,

Godfrey (Fanzo) Gregg

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