It is a deep freeze in the northern half of the United States and Canada. For the past 4 days and this will continue in the New Year with sub-zero temperatures plus the wind chills.

To the family in these affected areas and our many friends and well-wishers, I urge you to dress warm and stay hydrated. We are wrapping up 2017 and I am praying to hear from you in 2018. Let us be wise and stay warm.

I checked in with Bequia and it seems like there will be a record-breaking end of year yachts and visitors on the Island to ring in the new year. I hope that the crime against the visitors remains below the zero line.  The more visitors means more money and that jobs are guaranteed. Families can take care of their children and improved livelihood.

Hopefully, I will rejoin you soon to enjoy the place that remains my home. Bequia still remains the gem of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Sir Godfrey Gregg 

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