This morning I want to address a very important area in the lives of the fishermen and especially the divers.

As far back as I can remember  when the men dive conch in the shores or in the “white”. I recalled one Sunday morning a man drowned just off the 7th day Adventist church. That property was owned “Uncle Sonny” of La Pompe. The Police was called, CPR was attempted to no avail. I mentioned that to show the importance of training. I believe that in order to save lives that as many people should be trained in CPR or life training technique and be certified by the relevant authority. How about choking? What does this have to do with the fisherman? Nothing is important until you need to apply the skill. What does learning to swim has to do with catching fishes? Think about it for a moment and avoid the words, “if I did know”.

I think as more and more divers take to the waters to make a living, it is time for the purchase and installation of a decompression chamber. This can be installed at the Bequia Hospital and will be very handy if any of our fisher folks/divers should get in trouble. However, time is of the essence and the location. As I mentioned in the article on 6/13/17 GREETINGS FAMILY. We need to act now and save our men from tragedy in the future. I have read in social media where there is a call for a helicopter and it is a good idea. However, in my opinion there are a lot of things to take into consideration before we make that move. This will have to be a government undertaking and the way things are the people of the Grenadines will have to wait another 15 years before the government talk about that idea. So I pass to the substance of this article. 

I read the comments of some people and I feel the anger and disgust because writers feel that fisher folks are not showing any interest. I do not share some of the views because most people sit back for the government to do everything for them. You have to understand that you are neglected and you have to hold the “bull by its horn” and do it for yourself. You are self employed as fishermen and you have to take care of yourselves. The day you don’t make a catch, you don’t get a check from the government. Everyday you suck your losses and reap your gains.

I am calling on everyone to get on board and start the conversation to take care of yourselves and your families.

A decompression chamber does not only treat “benzs”. It is used for many more purposed. Thank you and share your comments.


Sir Godfrey Gregg

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