The Fine Art of Resolving Relationship Conflict (Part three)

Sir Godfrey Gregg
Step 2 Make a Request
The request is probably the most powerful communication tool you have. For men, you may be better off putting that request in writing since men tend to be visual. Don’t depend on your partner to automatically meet your request. Seventy-five percent of the time your partner will not give you what you are asking for. He or she has not lived your life and do not realize the premium you put on this need. It is up to you to communicate this by being calm, clear, concise, and brief.
Now ask yourself if this request is tangible or unreasonable. Remember who your partner is—their strengths, weaknesses, limitations and personality. Can he or she realistically meet this need? Try to keep in mind this need was most likely inside you long before you ever met your partner.
Ten percent of this need originates in the present and ninety percent is linked to your past. Be honest and transparent about the origins of this need with yourself and your partner. Remember your partner is not a mind reader.
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