Strange things are happening in this year 2018.  A friend sent me this bit of information I am sharing with you.


To All Christians like me, there will be no Valentine and fools day this year.

God has decided to take over some activities of 2018.

14/2/2018 Popularly known as Valentine’s Day will be Ash Wednesday

1/4/2018 Popularly known as April Fools Day will be EASTER SUNDAY

It is the year of the Lord

I know am the first to tell you this.

So if you are expecting a romantic dinner or date , just forget it.

That day is for the Lord or you want to compete with Him?

I think not…..
Instead of carrying flowers around……. Have ashes applied on your forehead.

Instead of going around looking for who to fool……. go proclaiming the Saviour has risen….
It’s the year of God….
God bless you…….

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