Good morning St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I noticed in some pictures posted on Facebook that the buildings in “Little Tokyo” are in need of some serious repairs. Really in the heart of the City and the buildings are falling apart.

Image result for Little tokyo Kingstown     Image result for "Little tokyo" KingstownImage result for Little tokyo Kingstown

Image result for "Little tokyo" Kingstown

I am doing this to highlight the plight of the vendors in SVG and the conditions under which they are forced to ply their trade for a daily living. These people pay a tax or rent to occupy the buildings and they have to open umbrellas inside to shade them from the sun. That is such a shame to the representation there is in the City.

In the picture, you will see the memorial of the veterans overlooking the dilapidated buildings. Isn’t that a shame? Where is the respect for the citizens of the country, While on the other side there are the buildings housing the Office of the Prime Minister in immaculate condition and the Police Headquarters falling apart? Something is very fishy in this area.

Image result for Financial complex Kingstown

Image result for "Little tokyo" Kingstown

I am calling on the authorities to SAVE the City from falling into further disrepair. Please do something to bring it in line with the other buildings and make KINGSTOWN CITY GREAT AGAIN.

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