Oh sweet Bequia, I miss you and long to be back on the soil of my birth. Sweet mango, guava, red plums, sapadilla, green peas, farine, fresh fish, (ah mean same day catch) whale meat and the oil, a roast corn and I can go on and on. Meeting my family and finding friends. I believe most of them have left the shores, but one or two may be still around.

There is no place like home for real. Beautiful beaches and safe clean water is the envy of the world. Moonhole, Friendship Beach, Lower Bay, Princess Margaret Beach and Spring to name a few of the past hot spots and maybe hotter these days. All of them are overrun by tourists who will like to see all natives gone.

One day life spared home will be again home for the remainder of my life. So hope everyone enjoys the day and Island until I set foot there again.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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