As we look ahead to the future of governance in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the political shift in the Caribbean it behoves us to be alert in every corner. Listen to the truth and only speak the truth and educate each other to be better citizens.

Too many times the truth is distorted and it is spread more than intended and many people get hurt along the way. We know that has been a political strategy way back in the days. In this new age, we should make a shift to the real issues that are affecting the people and country.

With all the resources that are available via technology and the Internet, the younger people are looking for the real checks and balance in reporting. The older adage is like fixtures and there is nothing can change their minds even though it is placed in front them on a gold platter.

Politics have divided our country over the years and it is not in pieces more than our neighbours in the Caribbean. The question is how are we going to change it and by what means. With a new generation of college and university graduates that can make a difference, it is high time for the old guards to take a peaceful exit and give the younger generation a chance to revolutionize the country. Give them a chance to modernize the country and bring new inovative ideas to the forefront. The old guards must stop acting like they have title to the country to have and to hold office till death they part. This is not a marriage vow. In the first place everyone have failed

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