It is another sticky day in New York where we should hit 89 degrees. The air conditioners are running and that means the light bill will be mounting. No complaint but it is the season for high temperatures. Unlike the Caribbean where you have the North East trade winds coming off the sea to cool atmosphere. So, even though it is 90 degrees, that cool breeze makes a big difference.

I can only imagine what children are feeling on the Mexican border with the United States. Heat is heat and you will need a cool place to relax. During the hot times in New York City, the government will open adult day care centres. The government sees the need to protect its citizens and everyone is included.

However, in Bequia, the residents love to take a dive in the sea and cool down. It is more fun there and there is no rise in light bills. Afterwards, the residents hang out under a tree, playing dominoes, cards or having a few beers.

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