Related imageFerry service to and from Bequia has come a long way after the decision to retire MV Friendship Rose. Friendship Rose served the Island for decades as the only means of communications between the Bequia and mainland St.Vincent. The journey took about one hour to sail the nine miles. Many days drenched from head to toe from the high waves after you already paid your money for the trip. There was no redress.

Between 6:30 and 7:45 the trip was completed and the mainland experience began with breakfast and the shopping spree. Visits to friends and relatives before lunch and then the hour-long journey back to Bequia leaving around 2:00 PM. The boat was on time and there was no exception.


Bequia has always relied on ferries to bring supplies and of course passengers to and from St. Vincent. Up until about fifteen years ago, the Friendship Rose, a Bequia built inter-island schooner was the only lifeline for Bequians to “the mainland”. This historic vessel now operates memorable day trips to the Tobago Cays.

Image result for Bequia ferryToday a regular and efficient ferry service operates between Bequia and Kingstown, St. Vincent, with two Bequia based companies – Admiralty Transport (784 458 3348) and Bequia Express (784 457 3539) – operating four boats between them. Together the two ferries lines offer seven sailings a day on weekdays, five on Saturdays, with morning and evening sailings only on Sundays. Each ferry has an air-conditioned saloon, bar and snack bar, or you can choose to sit up on deck and enjoy the sea air.
The boats carry passengers and cargo, trucks and supplies from “the mainland” to Bequia and the arrival and departure of each ferry in Port Elizabeth is a lively buzz of activity even at 6.30am in the morning!

One-way fares on all ferries are EC$25 per person. (Subject to correction)

Phone contact: Admiralty Transport 784 458 3348 and Bequia Express 784 457 3539

Schedules can be subject to change at short notice, so it’s sensible to check with the ferry companies or the Bequia Tourism Association before planning your journey – especially if you have a plane to catch!

Please call the ferry companies for the up-to-date ferry schedule!


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