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Carnival in full swing in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This weekend starts the all awake and no sleep until the climax next week Tuesday. Life returns to normal on Wednesday with the bursting of business in the country. The Argyle International Airport will see record arrivals and up the revenue for the treasury. As I am writing every business on the mainland is bracing for an increase in sales. However, the “eyesore” of “Little Tokyo” in the capital will leave a different impression on the minds of visitors.

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The next thing that is a curse to the city is the bad roads. How can we promote tourism and the perfect destinations when the basic things are not in place for the attraction of visitors. The government can repair the roof of the buildings with galvanize sheets. (Just like those they sent to the British Virgin Islands)

Have a fun-filled carnival everyone and take care. Stay safe and enjoy yourself, and take back some souvenirs.

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