St. Vincent and the Grenadines had the trying year 2021. There was the continuation of the pandemic, The explosive eruptions of the volcano, Hurricane Elsa, A dysfunctional Parliament many times with the Queen’s loyal Opposition walking out or simply not showing up for business.

Also in the year 2021, the Prime Minister was wounded in a crowd of angry supporters of the Opposition. A missile was thrown in the crowd and boom the identified target was struck and the supporters rejoiced.

The New Year so far began with much controversy with the pandemic protocol and the vaccine plus the booster. I believe the promotions for the vaccines could have been done differently and it would have been more effective. They could have used some grassroots persons and some prominent people in the society to get the message to the people. Political faces should have been on the reserved list since there is a great divide and the people hardly trust them.  There is also a divide in the political spectrum of the country’s politics.

We are moving into a new period of time and hopefully, we are able to return to a state of normalcy.

A $1.3 billion dollar budget was passed amidst the positive rate of infection in the Parliament. The Opposition’s hoodwinking and the senator’s realignment to pass the budget. There is always another way to conduct business and we saw a government doing what it was elected to do and that is to serve and provide for the citizens of the country they represent.

However, the citizens are eagerly looking forward to the promised improvements to the health system and the additional equipment. There is a cost and hopefull monies will be collected for the services.

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Author: gregg784

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