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To the family at home and abroad, let us not sleep as though the night is on us. Let us be vigilant in every step that we take. Look around and see what is taking place. The earth is in travail not because Trump is president of the United States or North Korea has the capabilities of launching a nuclear missile, or closer to the Caribbean where dictators are in disguise as heads of governments.

We are to pay close attention to the pattern of activities in our “neck of the woods”. In my 60 years, I have never heard of a Hurricane season like this one. I am living in it and there are two more months to wrap it up. We talk about global warming which is a scientific fact but have we thought about the earth in labour pains waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Never in the history of the State of St.Vincent and the Grenadines that the government has been so generous to neighbouring islands, but is not friendly towards the citizens of the State. It appears that you have to be a supporter or you will be doom. After all St. Vincent and the Grenadines belongs to every citizen and not a few.

During the Storm surge from the passing of Hurricane Maria, the Coast Guard took shelter in Bequia. When there is a grave need they can only be seen at the base in Calliaqua. Bequia will always remain a safe haven for whosoever will when there is a need. This brings me to a point with the deteriorating infrastructure on the island. I have highlighted the need for a portion of the main road to have immediate attention, for fear that it can cut off a vital community should there be a complete collapse.

Access to emergency services which included ambulance, police and other emergencies if there were a crisis at the JF Mitchell Airport. We have to think ahead and in time and I am making this call again that some consideration is made again. Do not make it an election promise or start working to gain favour. Better must be done serving the people.

I can assure you that action can be forthcoming if a petition drafted “We the people of the Northern Grenadines …..” and concludes with the phrase in part “And be it Further resolved that the people of the Northern Grenadines …….”

There will be a roundtable discussion and all the media outlets will want an interview. Where are they when you need them to assist in making a case for the residents on the Island. I say no more but take warning and family be prepared to take action when the time comes.

It is time that the elected government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines take a close look at the roads in Bequia and FIX THE ROADS.

It is always nice to see improvements in the country and in the more remote areas. Any citizen should be happy with the improvements. However, the taxpaying residents and their families in Bequia are still waiting to see when the Government will make a move to fix, repair or re-route the road in Lapompe known as “Bluff corner”. Should that retaining wall breaks off, there will be no vehicular traffic between Paget Farm and Port Elizabeth. This will impede any emergency vehicle entering and leaving Paget Farm.

This piece of road is very dangerous and needs urgent attention before there is a “Rock Gutter” tragedy in Bequia. I am sounding the alarm and putting the authorities on notice.

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