I read and looked at a number of pictures of road repairs, but mainly in three constituencies like North Leeward, South Central Windward and North Windward. That is nice to see since there was a great impact on the infrastructure during the last 15 years and the government has to maintain the status quo with the inclusion of North Leeward.

I am wondering if Bequia will see a trickle of the residue or even the crumbs that may fall from the master’s table. It is a matter of time now before the island is divided should the portion of the main road gives way which will make it impossible to link Paget Farm to the capital Port Elizabeth.


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J F Mitchell Airport is very active during the day and many hotels and guesthouse are dependent on the access road from the Airport to their places of business. This appears like there are two states within the St. Vincent and the Grenadines archipelago. I know that the residents of Bequia pay taxes and the last time I checked Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves is still the head of government.

I am using this forum to kindly ask that the Minister of Communications, Minister of Finance and the representative of Grenadines Affairs do something to ease the minds of the residents and visitors.

There is no way the electorate will shift their allegiance to the only party they know, well not anytime in the near future. So the government should get off their laurels and do what they were elected to do and that is to govern the one hundred and twenty thousand (120,000) residents of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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