Sir Godfrey Gregg

I am not resident in the Homeland, but I keep abreast with the news on the radio and in some cases social media. However, I have to weigh the information posted and come to my own conclusion.

I had to ask myself what is going on in the Police Force and the behaviour of some officers on the “beat”. It makes me wonder if the Oath has changed from “protect and serve” to “beat/slap and arrest”. There is a video clip circulating on social media where a mother was slapped by a police officer in the presence of her children and then arrested. The rise in serious crimes are going un-noticed and there is no explanation. The country is still waiting for the Commissioner of Police to address the country oh the rise of homicides and how they plan to halt the practice or the plans to bring about a reduction.

The crimes on visitors and returning nationals whether to visit or to live is a matter of concern for people in the diaspora. I will understand that some crimes are committed in areas beyond the Police control, but in areas that people frequent should have some other levels of security. I will give a few suggestions and maybe the Minister of National Security can have a wider discussion on the subject matter.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Increased Police Patrols
  • Increased lighting
  • Eliminating dark areas by trimming trees that are blocking the light
  • Incentives for businesses to install security cameras
  • Increase lighting on the various boardwalks
  • Educating guest about their surroundings and safety in the areas where they reside and how to stay alert at all times

I believe that the current living conditions of the Police especially those at Police Headquarters in Kingstown has a lot to do with the morals of the Officers. The men and women are frustrated and are taking a toll on their character and who they are. Many officers are from a great and luxurious home who ended up in a state of dilapidation. Can the Government find some 200,000 dollars to spend on Headquarters to improve the living standards of the officers and lift the moral fabric of the City?

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