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Sometime last year there was a big “cry”  in St. Vincent and the Grenadines when a girl was sent to the psychiatric hospital for an evaluation. It is my understanding of social and local media outlets that there was some level of involvement with a politician. There demonstrations in the diaspora and at home stating injustice. I could understand the sentiments expressed and the way the country felt at the time.

Just recently there was a scuffle between a police officer and a mother with her child in her arms over an alleged ice cream line, where the mother was slapped in her face by the police officer and then arrested and charged for some sort of offence. I am still waiting for the “cry” of brutality by the police. That is not the country anyone wants to live in where the police can do anything they want to citizens and walk free. Where are the demonstrations? I can understand that the persons involved have not publicly stated their party affiliations, so there is no need for coverage.

Young children are being sexually abused, raped and even became pregnant and there is no “cry” for justice for these innocent ones. So I ask myself what is the purpose of these organizations like the “Human Rights Association”? Where is the voice of the Christian Council? I am only asking why there is no “cry” from the parents and teachers associations and the Unions in the country? It is a shame that our little ones are afraid to play in their yards and more on public playing fields.

I am using this forum to appeal to the Hon. Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, The Hon. Attorney General and The Commissioner of Police to make a statement detailing how they plan to handle the rise in crime within the territorial boundaries of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. While there is not an immediate solution, the citizens will rather hear about a plan in combatting the surge in serious crimes and murders.

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Meantime every citizen is called upon to do their part:

  • Know your surroundings,
  • During the night walk in lighted areas
  • Inform a close relative or friend when you are leaving home and the planned location
  • Let your friend or relative know when you arrived at your planned location
  • Stay alert and monitor your surroundings
  • Report any suspicious activities to the management or the police
  • If you are walking and you have a suspicion of people walking in front or behind you, stop in a well-lit area and use your phone to alert someone.
  • If you see something unusual say something, call the police

Let us put a dent in CRIMES within the State of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is a need for more Coastguard patrols in the Grenadines and around areas where yachts frequent or anchor as a safe haven. Tourists need to feel safe and they will be our advertisement to get others to come to our shores.

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