Bequia will always be an independent Island within the great state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. From 1967 to present Bequia has been in the control of Sir James Mitchell and the now New Democratic Party. I do not see any change in the near future until I file the necessary papers to contest the 2020 general elections as an Independent candidate.

It is my understanding that, my cousin, Emmanuel Quashie is willing to contest the elections on behalf of the ULP. That will be an interesting race for three Bequians on the ballot for the Northern Grenadines Constituency.

On this Independence Day, I will love to highlight some of the progress on the island with the improve healthcare facilities and supplies form organizations of residents from Bequia in the diaspora. It was good for the current government to renovate the Bequia Hospital and to secure the construction at Adams. That should create employment for residents on the island.

However, the government has neglected the island in general and I will point out the gross neglect of the roads that service these tourism developments on the island. I will add some pictures for your information. The realignment of that portion of the road will be my priority and should I be elected in the next general elections.

This is not the place I grew up and where I commute from Paget Farm to Port Elizabeth to attend school. It is time that something is done and before the 40th year of our Independence. I am appalled that Dr Friday representative of the constituency and Opposition Leader of the Parliament is so silent on the issues of Bequia. He is only interested in the seat of Government. So where is his loyalty to the people that have kept him there for some 18 years? This will not be the case with me when I am elected, you will be a part of my daily routine.

Sir Godfrey Gregg

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