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Thanking God for bringing us to the end of this year 2018. I thank God for my family, friends, readers and well-wishers. I know it has been a challenging year for most of us but God has brought us out on the eve of another year.

For me to highlight the achievements of 2018 will be endless writing. I leave that for you to write in the comment box below this message.

Few things I want to mention for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • The Argyle International Airport celebrated its first year in operations
  • American Airlines made its inaugural flight to AIA
  • Liming open its doors in “Adams” Bequia
  • Air Canada added a second flight to AIA
  • SUNBURST APARTMENTS opens its doors in Arnos Vale

Those are the positives for the country and below are a few negatives

After one year of operations at AIA, there is no accountability

  • The Speaker of the House of Assembly did not understand Parliamentary procedure dealing with a no-confidence motion
  • The neglect of the deteriorating roads in Bequia
  • Suspended police held on robbery charges
  • NDP members protesting Christmas day outside the Electoral Office
  • The sitting Judge recuses herself from hearing the election petitions
  • The abandonment of equipment after the completion of the AIA

I hope that St. Vincent and the Grenadines will consider making the wrongs right and most of those lies in the hands of the Government. This is the stretch towards for the next general elections in 2020, but the Prime Minister alone has the power to set the date for any elections in SVG.

I think that it is time for that law to change and there is a fixed date of General Elections set with an amendment to the Constitution. The Governor General to set a date for a By-election within ninety days after the seat in Parliament becomes vacant.

Senators should be elected to serve in Parliament. My suggestions are to divide the country into six districts and those capable of serving the country should be facing the people for a vote.

Or keep the system as is with two additional senators, one appointed by the Governor General and the other by the Trade Unions.

The Senate needs to sit in session after the Lower house meeting to debate the bills separately and vote to pass the bills or send them back to the Lower House for further debate.

These changes will call for an amendment to the Constitution.

On another note, the government needs to strengthen the Inland Revenue Department collection agency to collect all outstanding monies owed to the Treasury. Let police back up the agency and reduce the debts to the Treasury so money is available for the social programs and the roads in Bequia can be fixed.

It is time that the politicians see the country as the people’s place and not their personal property. They don’t listen to the cry of the people anymore.

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