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Bequia St. Mary’s Anglican Church

Morning family, friends, comrades, well-wishers and visitors. This is the first Sunday in the New Year and I will love some feedback on how you spent the first few days.

To me, work continues to be a challenge and for many in these United States start out wilt NO PAYCHECK.

As you are aware that there is a partial government shut down because the President’s base supporters are demanding he builds a wall on the southern border. As a result, many workers are working without pay.

We may ask if the wall is necessary, and there are varying answers. And so many supporters are feeling the crunch and no one cares about that and how these people get by with their children.

Since today is Sunday what are you going to do? I am working like many out there in the cold or sun while others are at home and some on the battlefield.

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However, I will love you to visit the House of the Lord and give Him some worship and praise.

Have a very nice day in the Lord.

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