An only child, Wonderful, Strong, Motivated, Educated, Business-Oriented, A Mother, Caring, Loving, Dedicated, Loyal, Virtuous, Committed, No Nonsense, Enthusiastic, Godly, Courageous, and there are many more descriptive words I can, but do not want to make an overstatement. I will stand with you until the Lord Calls me home.

I want to encourage you to continue walking in your purpose into your destiny. God has given you two beautiful jewels that are the joy and pride of your hearts. Continue to walk in the earthly footsteps of your grandparents who in their time devoted everything they had for their children. I see the traits in you and I admire you every single day. Keep your children in the fear of the Lord and I am praying for you and them to be a torch in your community and wherever the Lord will lead.

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