It has been six (6) years since you left us. Yo wanted to leave because at that point life was not going to be the same for you on this earth. You told the world you were ready to go and meet the others. Such was the life you lived caring and loving those around you.

I was privileged to talk to you a week before and I wasn’t there for the final farewell. One day when the roll is called I will meet you and we will be reunited. SLEEP ON UNTIL

Carmen has inspired so many lives and during your time on earth, you have touched the hearts of many. Your memory lives in the hearts of your family, friends and the entire village. Those who didn’t know you still share a laugh when your name is mentioned. The love is alive and well. Paget Farm has not been the same since you walked away from us.

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In your memory and symbol of the life, you lived. As this candle burns on earth it is my prayer that you will continue to shine in the arms of Jesus.


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