This Black History Month, We are Reclaiming Our Narratives

February is Black History Month. Over the years it has become the month the nation recognizes as a time to celebrate the strides and achievements black people have accomplished over the centuries. However, many white people have found themselves celebrating their achievements and somewhat attempt to overshadow the real achievements of the people this month is dedicated to celebrating.

This year, we challenge that. GREGG784 is celebrating Black History Month by highlighting our culture, narratives and wholeness with the theme Black History Built This.

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During this month we will attempt to highlight as many local people in the Caribbean and their contributions in various fields. Many have been taught about the role of black folks in this country by shining a light on the historical figures and events pertinent to accurately telling America’s history. More often than not, black people’s accomplishments and contributions to this country are understated or ignored completely. We are seldom given proper credit, let alone praise, for how our rich history and culture has not only influenced but helped construct the basis for what we view as progress today.

Let this February be a reminder for some and a lesson for others that there is no American history without black history. Black people built this.

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