Sir Godfrey Gregg 

The current political impasse in SVG is a constitutional matter and the only other person that knows it is Sir James Mitchell. He had a situation in 1974 when he used the power of the office of Premier when Joshua crossed the floor. Look at the 90 days window that only the Prime Minister has in the constitution.

Only Dr. GONSALVES has that power to call a by election or a general election.

I say again that His Lordship Justice Stanley John the acting High Court Judge can only rule that there were irregularities in the election of 2015, but will not void the will of the people.

This matter will be far from over after March 21, and we will see the matter going to the Court of Appeals.

The problem with our people is they are not willing to teach the truth about the law and the people are not willing to learn. They are controlled better in their ignorance.

My point is where are the clean hands when coming for redress? He who alleges must first prove.

Regardless to the outcome of the petitions, the country will remain divided and the campaign will begin for the next general election.

Are we willing to turn back in midair or sprint to the finishing line?

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