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On this Mother’s Day, I want to pay tribute to a pioneer and mother who dutifully raised and care for us, loved and protected us under the harshest of adversity.

“Mother D” as she was affectionately called was the special woman in a community where everyone loved her and still remember the kindness of a woman with very little.

On this day the world celebrates as Mother’s Day I join with brothers and sisters, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to remember the woman, mother and grandmother you were to us during your time here on earth.

So many years have passed but it seems like it was yesterday and you are always in our hearts. No ti,e is spared to reminisce on the time we had with you before your transition to your Father in heaven. One thing I know and will ever remember what you meant to us as a MOTHER.

Edward        Madeline       Yvette        Sylvester        Godfrey

All your grandchildren and great-grandchildren

Image result for Thank you mom

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the #1 Itinerary
4 years ago

Grear post 😄